Music & Performances


RadioZDead, Untitled Album No. 472 [2005] Indie

Babayaga Ojo, Promo-CD, [2007]

Babayaga Ojo, Siła [2007] Voodoo MUSIC / Rockers Publishing

Składka AntiFa Benefit, [2008] No Pasaran Records

Babayaga Ojo, Singiel II [2008]. Voodoo MUSIC / CD Baby

SmoGGG, Décompositions. Variations Sans Thème. Lo Fi Série, Vol 1. [2019]. CD Baby

Work at Recording Studios

  • Elavate Studios (Baltimore)
  • Małe Studio (Litza) Puszczykowo
  • Studio Nagrań we Wrzesińskim Ośrodku Kultury
  • Studio Nagraniowe Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza (Na Morasko)
  • Studio Nagrań "Hellenic"
  • Studio Nagrań Radio Afera


Post-Punk, Noise Rock, and Swampcore

Poland is infamous for its coal industry and polluted atmosphere. In 2017, from this land of heavy smoke and chewable air known as Kraków, the group SMOGGG emerged, which includes a line-up of modulars, synths, saxophone, electric guitars and bass, drums, and all sorts of vocalisations. Now, the dense carcinogenic Polish gas has been transformed into sound, which is contaminated by what is called noise. The band also uses light-pollution during performances played to emissions of soviet era sci-fi, notably the first sci-fi film ever produced by the USSR called „Aelita: Queen of Mars” from 1924.

In 2019 on Krampusnacht, the night when the half-goat and half-demon, known in central Europe as the Krampus, comes to take mischievous children to hell, SmoGGG has published a compilation of recordings called de-compositions, which are a challenge for traditional notions of musical compositions. This album is a collection of fourteen decompositions, which are not variations on a theme, but one’s that are off-topic, introducing noise to the meta-data of music itself, which is its formal structure. These works of improvisations and unexpected interactions decompose earlier compositions created by the band and performed live during tours performed live in Poland between 2017 and 2019. Like ghosts that haunt the soundtrack with the non-presence of industrial standards and quality, the published decompositions introduce variations into what is normally thought of as playing the „right” note, and thus, decompose the listener’s ear, and by extension their brain-wiring. This wasting away is the key ingredient that invades our audio space without our acceptance. It is just there like the air we breathe, which hurts us just as much as it gives us the oxygen we need to survive, not forgetting that oxygen itself is a poison.

Two tracks are instrumental and twelve tracks are sung mostly in Polish, whereas English arises at times, just as it invades other cultures thousands of miles away from any English speaking nation. The track with the most English lyrics is called Psychoscum. In general, the album raises the noxious problems of the Catholic Church’s grip on power in Polish politics, nazizm and the alt-right Polish nationalism, pedophilia, gender and the patriarchy, and philosophical concepts such as Nausea and Nothingness from Sartre or being-towards-death from Heidegger.

Bad Salvatore

Raw avant-funk

The band, created mid 2008, experimented with sounds and my time with the group played a tight rhythm section with raw unprocessed guitars and post pop-art vocals. Later, the group would evolve into something different after I left due to artistic differences.

  • 15.05.2011 Poznań, Szamarzewo campus, Festiwal KULMINACJE UAM 2011
  • 19.05.2011 Poznań, klub uBazyla, Przegląd zespołów rockowych ALTERNATYWA - awarded with the title Audience's Favourite
  • 04.06.2011., Kleczew (koło Konina). Headliner: JAMAL.
  • 06.06.2011, Poznan, Dubliner Irish Pub, Bad Salvatore and New Harmony Experience
  • 09.06.2011, Poznan, semifinal of the battle of the bands titled Przeglądu Alternatywa at uBazyla awarded with the title Audience's Favourite
  • 04.07.2011, Poznan, Dubliner Irish Pub 29.08.2011 Poznań, Dubliner Irish Pub
  • 17.09.2011 Poznań, Radio Afera, live radio performance for the show "Garażownia".
  • 04.11.2011. Poznań, Blue Note. Headliner: Dziwy.

Oddział RW40

A project interpreting Rafał Wojaczek's poems

The Intimate Insanatorium offers a detox from everyday life. Arrangements are created on the principle of passing words through us, while we hang our egos on a hook. We do not aspire to any particular style. Each work is born under the influence of whispers: grotesque, ironic, tragic and clownish.

The project was born from an excess of impulse. It matured long in our bloodstream. Aware of the upcoming anniversary of the poet's death, we felt that this was exactly the right moment to give a voice to the shadow of Wojaczek accompanying us. And behold!

Adrian Mróz - guitar/compositions

Dorota Tomaszewska vocals/interpretation


Babayaga Ojo

Punk Rock

This polish punk rock band is representative of trans-individuation, since the changing intergenerational line-up of the group ranges from old 70's punk rockers the PRL era of Poland up to modern 2018 (after a name change Babayaga Band). I performed during the punk shock knockout phase of the group. The music on Siła was produced by Robert 'Litza' Friedrich. Sadly, the group fell apart around 2010 (and would later re-organize with a new line-up) due to artistic differences, leaving the second album with an entirely new sound unpublished, with the exception of the demo titled Singiel II (2008).


  • grIndie Award - Independent Artist Music Awards - Best New Music
  • No. 1 Punk Show - PBS FM (Australia)


  • Echo Puszczykowa - Marzec 2008 "Rockowa Duma Puszczykowa"
  • Wiadomości Lubińskie - 16 Maja 2008 "Stary, dobry punk rock"
  • Teraz Rock, 10/2007, p. 70.
  • Garaż Nr. 26, p. 26.
  •, Podsumowanie finału, 15 Stycznia 2007
  • Radio Merkury - 26 Kwietnia 2006, Kto Zagra w Węgorzewie - wyróżnienia.

Congratulations on the GrIndie Award

RadioIndy is proud to present Babayaga Ojo a GrIndie Award for their CD "Siła." A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment.

Excellent High-Energy Rock CD

Hailing from Poland, the powerhouse punk band Babayaga Ojo delivers a jewel case full of non-stop electricity and energy with “Sila.” Screaming electric guitars, booming bass lines, and window-shattering drums best describe the musical platform of this band. Moreover, the vocal performances on this record are full of vigor and power. “Zadyma” exemplifies Babayaga’s hardcore musical edge and phenomenal drum arrangements. This song is all the more noteworthy because of its flaring electric guitar solo and highly melodic chorus. Song after song, this CD consistently delivers. What’s more, the production of “Sila” is of the utmost quality. This CD will leave listeners dying for a live show. - Xavier

Never heard of Babayaga Ojo? Don’t worry about it; until Sila, this punk band from Poland never appeared on my radar screens. And if there’s a group that can actually rekindle my once profound love for punk, leave it to these high-speed, boot-attired rockers from Poland of all places. I am completely charmed by the innocence of Sila. No, I don’t mean innocence in the childlike way. But this is a punk record which doesn’t seem to acknowledge that punk actually became mainstream in the early ’90s; the commercial compromises that nearly destroyed the genre are not apparent here. What do we get instead? No-nonsense punk in its purest form. “Zalogowcy” has an escalating intro reminiscent of the Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday in Cambodia” while “Co wy robicie!?” recalls the feminine angst of X-Ray Spex. Yes, it’s old-school and will kick you in the balls like hard liquor. - Kit Burns

Nadrabiając zaległości w pisaniu, mających swoje źródło w braku weny, dziś do rąk wpadła mi "Siła". Słuchałem tej płyty kilka razy, by nie ocenić zbyt pochopnie, zgromadzonego na niej materiału. Co więcej, sprawiło mi to dużą frajdę, bo nie znałem Babayagi O Jo wcześniej, co uważam za błąd. - Błażej "White Raven" Obiała

Book references:

  • "Polish Punk Rock Groups: The Analogs, Anti Dread, Brygada Kryzys, Armia, Babayaga Ojo, Siekiera, Dezerter, Bulbulators, Wlochaty, Ksu, Abaddon." General Book LLC. (2010) ISBN-13: 9781156859018

Live Performances and Concerts

  1. ~2003 - ~2006 Concerts in the United States in the Baltimore area with bands: Tainted Truth, Flatline, RadioZDead, Rob Winter's Jazz Ensemble.
  2. 29.12.2004 Thunderdome, Tainted Truth, Baltimore, MD - USA
  3. 04.22.2006 Electric Guitar Ensemble, Towson University, Stephen's Hall - USA
  4. 04.15.2006 RadioZDead, Mariners Landing, Dundalk, MD - USA
  5. 04.05.2006 RadioZDead, Fishead Cantina, Baltimore, MD - USA
  6. 13.10.2006, Babayaga Ojo, Liga Rocka Jelenia Góra
  7. 14.01.2007 Babayaga Ojo, Wośp Jelenia Góra
  8. 27.04.2007 Babayaga Ojo, Koncert Plenerowy Puszczykowo
  9. 29.05.2007 Babayaga Ojo Blue Note Poznań
  10. 16.06.2007 Babayaga Ojo Koncert Plenerowy Puszczykowo
  11. 23.06.2007 Babayaga Ojo Zlot Motocyklowy Września
  12. 17.08.2007 Babayaga Ojo Valhalla Poznań
  13. 18.08.2007 Babayaga Ojo Rock.Noc Wągrowiec
  14. 22.09.2007 Babayaga Ojo Zakończenie sezonu motocyklowego Lubsko
  15. 12.10.2007 Babayaga Ojo Liga Rocka Jelenia Góra
  16. 13.10.2007 Babayaga Ojo Mayday Rock Festiwal Głogów
  17. 24.11.2007 Babayaga Ojo Highway Pub Poznań
  18. 07.12.2007 Babayaga Ojo Dekompresja Łódź
  19. 13.01.2008 Babayaga Ojo WOŚP Milicz
  20. 11.01.2008 Babayaga Ojo Kontrasty Szczecin
  21. 26.01.2008 Babayaga Ojo Warsaw Punk Atak Fest Warszawa
  22. 23.02.2008 Babayaga Ojo Agrafka Zgierz
  23. 01.03.2008 Babayaga Ojo Ubazyla Poznań
  24. 08.03.2008 Babayaga Ojo Dom Kultury Chodzież
  25. 12.04.2008 Babayaga Ojo Kopi Berlin, Niemcy
  26. 23.04.2008 Babayaga Ojo Plener Milicz
  27. 16.05.2008 Babayaga Ojo Leszno
  28. 17.05.2008 Babayaga Ojo CK Muza Lubin
  29. 24.05.2008 Babayaga Ojo Rock Fest Góra
  30. 13.06.2008 Babayaga Ojo Puszczykowo
  31. 05.07.2008 Babayaga Ojo Gubin
  32. 11.07.2008 Babayaga Ojo Piła
  33. 09.08.2008 Babayaga Ojo Keltska Noc Harrachov, Czechy
  34. 06.09.2008 Babayaga Ojo Ubazyla Poznań
  35. 12.09.2008 Babayaga Ojo 4 róże dla Lucienne Zielona Góra
  36. 13.09.2008 Babayaga Ojo Bunker Presov, Słowacja
  37. 14.09.2008 Babayaga Ojo Zakole Warty Puszczykowo
  38. 04.10.2008 Babayaga Ojo Agrafka Zgierz
  39. 02.10.2008 Babayaga Ojo Odnowa Toruń
  40. 19.10.2008 Babayaga Ojo Ubazyla Poznań
  41. 15.11.2008 Babayaga Ojo Alpha Gniezno
  42. 21.11.2008 Babayaga Ojo No Mercy Warszawa
  43. 13.12.2008 Babayaga Ojo AQQ Września
  44. 10.01.2009 Babayaga Ojo WOŚP Kobylin
  45. 11.01.2009 Babayaga Ojo Wośp Czarnków
  46. 31.01.2009 Babayaga Ojo Ucho Gdynia
  47. 01.02.2009 Babayaga Ojo 4 róże dla Lucienne Zielona Góra
  48. 07.02.2009 Babayaga Ojo Ubazyla Poznań
  49. 13.02.2009 Babayaga Ojo Kawiarnia Naukowa Kraków
  50. 14.02.2009 Babayaga Ojo Chebzie Ruda Śląsk
  51. 13.03.2009 Babayaga Ojo 1/4 mili Rzeszów
  52. 14.03.2009 Babayaga Ojo Jarosław
  53. 15.03.2009 Babayaga Ojo Sanok
  54. 04.04.2009 Babayaga Ojo Piła
  55. 05.04.2009 Babayaga Ojo Stary Rynek Poznań
  56. 15.05.2009 Babayaga Ojo Liga Rocka Jelenia Góra
  57. 06.06.2009 Babayaga Ojo Zakole Warty Puszczykowo
  58. 27.06.2009 Babayaga Ojo Kawiarnia Naukowa Kraków
  59. 03.10.2009 Babayaga Ojo Ubazyla Poznań
  60. 17.05.2011 Bad Salvatore Kuluminacje UAM Poznań
  61. 19.05.2011 Bad Salvatore Ubazyla Poznań
  62. 04.06.2011 Bad Salvatore Kleczew
  63. 06.06.2011 Bad Salvatore Dubliner Irish Pub Poznań
  64. 09.06.2011 Ubazyla Poznań
  65. 04.07.2011 Bad Salvatore Dubliner Irish Pub Poznań
  66. 29.08.2011 Bad Salvatore Dubliner Irish Pub Poznań
  67. 17.09.2011 Bad Salvatore Live Radio Performance, Radio Afera 98,6 FM Poznań
  68. 04.11.2011 Bad Salvatore Blue Note Poznań
  69. 10.06.2011 Oddział RW40, Noc Czerwona, Schron Kultury Europa Poznań
  70. 13.10 - 20.10.2012: Wielkopolska School of Photography Exhibition: Joint work for the photo vernissage: "Music of the Senses" by Kinga Długa. Trio: Danuta Piechocka (Violin), Adrian Mróz (guitar), Agnieszka Majewska (Matuszczak) (drums).
  71. 22.09.2018. Beani Cracovienses. Classical Guitar. Renaissance Music.
  72. 12.01.2019 SmoGGG Warsztat Kraków
  73. 17.02.2019 SmoGGG Baza Kraków, Kulturkampf
  74. 05.04.2019 SmoGGG Oliwa Pub Kraków, live music to Aelita: Queen of Mars
  75. 07.06.2019 SmoGGG Oliwa Pub Kraków
  76. 28.06.2019 SmoGGG Scena Supernova Krakow More info Soon Festival
  77. 23.08.2019 SmoGGG Międzychód RóbSzum Festival 8
  78. 28.09.2019 SmoGGG Scena Supernova Kraków
  79. 27.10.2019 SmoGGG Chicago Jazz club Kraków, Kulturkampf fest
  80. 28.01.2020 SmoGGG Chicago Jazz club Kraków, Kulturkampf fest